Toolset to improve building's energy efficiency
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Leaflet Enginency
Horizon 2020  European Union



ENGINENCY, a toolset to improve building’s energy efficiency


The Enginency solution comprises a holistic contribution to increase energy efficiency of buildings and small districts through new tools and methodologies of inspection, modelling, monitoring, simulation, management and refurbishment advising. Enginency will help to deliver, implement and optimize the energy efficiency of buildings, with technical, economic and societal potential to drastically reduce energy consumption and decrease CO2 emissions. The Enginency project addresses both new and existing buildings.


Enginency will support energy managers and expert´s decisions through the integration of energy audit with a holistic toolset to inspect building, and measure, manage report and improve their energy efficiency.

This website represents the retrieval mechanism for all public information about the project. It gives a description of the research work and the partners involved. In the course of the project the generated results will be published here, the final research results being available at the completion of the project in 2018.


This research project has received funding from the European Union’s H2020 Fast Track to Innovation Pilot 2015-1 under Grant Agreement no 720661.


Pre Kick-off meeting

8 July 2016


Kick-off meeting

2-4 August 2016, Logroño, Spain


First Consortium meeting 

13 December 2016, Delft, the Netherlands 


Second Consortium meeting 

4 April 2017, Vigo, Spain 


Review meeting 

6 July 2017, Madrid, Spain 




14-16 November 2017

Smart City Expo World Congress


20-22 September 2017

XXXV Jornadas de Gerencia Universitaria


5-7 July 2017

EESAP8 European Congress


28-30 June 2017 

10th National Congress Engineering Thermodynamics


22 June 2017

Energy Efficiency WorkShop



Article in "Faro de Vigo"


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