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Consortium partners


Four members compose the Enginency Consortium: three industrial SMEs and a public university from Spain, France and Netherlands.


ICM División Industrial SL
DEMO Consultants BV
Universidad de Vigo


Their speciality activities within the energy efficiency areas are complementary, establishing the basis of the Enginency solution.


ICM realizes, among other activities, installations and inspections, and will coordinate the project, contributing to all the Work Packages. Universidad de Vigo participates through two research groups. They are specialized in building modelling and simulation, and will contribute to the project by upgrading the (outdoor and indoor) inspection and thermographic monitoring equipment, as well as with the software for automatic importation of inspection data and the automatically calibrated simulations.


Futurasmus is built upon the purpose of excellency in home and building automation (with KNX standard). Within ENGINENCY, Futurasmus contributes their knowledge of hardware design and software development to develop a prototype of the Weather Central.


DEMO Consultants are real estate consultants and also produce software. Their contribution to the project will consist in upgrading our Trnsys-based simulation engine and Expert System and creating the user interface for web and smartphone app. Here we give a description of the four partners.














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