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Commercialisation network


To commercialise Enginency successfully, various stakeholders will participate in different stages of the process from the manufacturing to the maintenance, once it is at the end users site. The activities needed to define the customer service such as strategy, negotiation and closure of agreements with stakeholders will start in second half 2016, and are included in the scope of work of this project. We show briefly the stakeholders that, together with the Members of the Consortium, have to be considered at different stages of the supply chain, both prior to producing Enginency at industrial scale and also once Enginency is being commercialized and delivering service to end-users.


    • Commercial HW Development: Component providers, manufacturers, other suppliers.
    • IT Infrastructure: Trnsys SW partner, Cloud service provider, etc.
    • Commercialization: Market and business consultants, distributors (ESCOs/EECs).



Stakeholders with signed Letter of Interest:


Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce (Spain)

AFN (Spain)

AESA (Spain)

Ipostudio Architetti SrL (Italy)

Vision Business Consultants (Greece)

3L (Germany), in quality of user

NTNU (Norway)

STÚ-K a.s. (Croatia), in quality of user

R2M Solution (Italy)














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