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Deliverable reports  


Most of Enginency's deliverables ar not public. However for dissemination purposes and to provide you with a flavour of the knowledge developed and attained within the Enginency project we have included the executive summary of each deliverable. For more information you can contact the project coordinator.


Deliverable D1.1 Upgraded Building Model. Ready to be filled in with automatized measures


Deliverable D1.2  Requirements for the Expert System;Consolidated functional and technical requirements


Deliverable D1.3  Information's database and connection with the front-end


Deliverable D2.1 Prototype of Portable System for Aerial envelope Building Inspection


Deliverable D2.2  Prototype of Portable System for Building Interior Inspection


Deliverable D2.3  Prototype of Monitoring Thermographic Scanner


Deliverable D2.4  Prototype of the LCC


Deliverable D2.5  Prototype of the Weather Central


Deliverable D3.1  Cloud Server Report


Deliverable D4.1  Building Model Adjustment Report


Deliverable D4.2  Pilot demonstration report


Deliverable D5.1  Tested prototype of the Expert System


Deliverable D5.2  Beta version of the Software


Deliverable D6.1  Risk management plan


Deliverable D6.2  Project website


Deliverable D6.3  HW patents and SW copyright


Deliverable D6.4  Commercialization plan


Deliverable D7.1  Mid-term report




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