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Matelec 2018


MATELEC 2018, the leading event for the electrics, electronics and telecommunications Industry. 


Under the umbrella of ePower&Building it has strengthened its drawing power and has become southern Europe´s most important event for the construction materials, techniques and systems Industry for the building sector.



Futurasmus GmbH (left) and ICM (right) in Matelec 2018
• Dates: From 13 to 16 November. From Tuesday to Wednesday
• Venue: Feria de Madrid.  Madrid, Spain.
• Organized by: IFEMA


In our booth we also showed the first part of the dissemination video in a desktop PC, explaining the different activities of each of the participants in the Enginency project.


The digitalization and the new players of the in the market have led to the creation of a major trading platform that serves as a lever for accelerating and invigorating the market, both domestically and with respect to export.



A lot of big players approached our booth with great interest in the energy that can be saved by implementing our solution. Especially the fact that the Enginency project not only has theoretical values, analysis and calculations but also compares them with real measured values captured by the various sensors placed in the test building. This makes it unique and attracted a lot of interest and attention.


The conclusion of the fair was that the industry is in the need of tools like ours and that the dissemination at the Matelec fair was a real success.
Futurasmus also prepared a dissemination video which includes video material of both the Light & Building 2018, and Matelec 2018 fairs: https://youtu.be/t88Cj7u2Fm0





Final Consortium meeting 

2 October 2018, Logroño, Spain 


Third Consortium meeting 

21 January 2018, Madrid, Spain 


Review meeting 

6 July 2017, Madrid, Spain 


Second Consortium meeting 

4 April 2017, Vigo, Spain 


First Consortium meeting 

13 December 2016, Delft, the Netherlands   

Kick-off meeting

2-4 August 2016, Logroño, Spain


Pre Kick-off meeting

8 July 2016




13-16 November 2018



10-11 September 2018

EU EIC Innovators’ Summit in Berlin, Germany


12th to 18th May 2018

Logroño’s Energy Week


12th April 2018

Conference in La Rioja’s Govern facilities


4th April 2018

Ader conference


8-13 March 2018

Light + Building 2018


14-16 November 2017

Smart City Expo World Congress


20-22 September 2017

XXXV Jornadas de Gerencia Universitaria


5-7 July 2017

EESAP8 European Congress


28-30 June 2017 

10th National Congress Engineering Thermodynamics


22 June 2017

Energy Efficiency WorkShop



Article in "Faro de Vigo"


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