Toolset to improve building's energy efficiency
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The Enginency consortium consists of four members, each one developing different activities related to energy efficiency in buildings, resulting in a complementarity of knowledge and experience that is the key of Enginency itself and that will represent an inestimable added value during the project execution and market exploitation. Enginency clearly represents an advanced enabling technology to improve building energy efficiency, in line with the Horizon 2020 Work Program objectives. Thanks to its unique holistic approach, enclosing all the four energy efficiency approaches and innovative technology in a powerful tool, Enginency will allow a reduction of 20-40% of the energy expenditure of buildings/districts with a zero-risks policy for the end-users, and a return of eventual refurbishment investments in about two years.


Enginency is based on new high accuracy tools and methods of automatic building inspection and monitoring, used to feed self-calibrated simulations of great reliability. The Expert System uses accurate simulation and monitoring data together with user requirements and other external factors in order to support building management and reduce the building energy consumption, through building management and retrofitting assessments and proposals. The Enginency innovative holistic approach results in overall energy expenditure reduction of 20-40%, offering higher savings, reliability and support than any independent approach.

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