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With the energy management of Enginency, a maximal efficiency will be attained, due to its holistic approach, but, depending on the energy usage before the installation, energy savings may vary notably. Estimations should be fitted into a very wide range as 20%-40%.The same happens for the implementations of retrofitting improvements. Strongly depending on the initial state of the facility, the energy savings after refurbishing may go from 5% up to 50%. Furthermore, when combining both retrofitting and energy management, as Enginency can integrally do, savings can overcome 50% energy consumption in the building.

Economic savings depend on the facility size and its consumption with the achievable energy saving. The range of possible economic savings is very broad. In any case, due to the high prices of energy, the economic savings associated to energy efficiency provide a very interesting financial opportunity for end-users. For instance, for a typical facility of 3000 m2 of a business in the tertiary sector, achieving savings between 20% and 40% of energy corresponds to savings of €16.740-117.240 per year depending on the user type. Thanks to the win-win pricing strategy offered by Enginency, not including initial costs, end-users corresponding to new or smart buildings (10% of European buildings11) will only experience monetary savings with the adoption of Enginency, while end-users corresponding to dumb buildings (90% of European buildings) will obtain a return on the refurbishment investment on an average of two years, against energy saving of 20%.


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