Toolset to improve building's energy efficiency
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We provide building and facility managers with a solution consisting of innovative monitoring hardware integrated in intelligent software, allowing to achieve higher energy savings than current solutions, at zero-risk, available through a user-friendly interface not requiring the presence of a technical expert. At the same time, we provide ESCOs and EECs with a ground-breaking set of tools enabling holistic building energy management, auditing and retrofitting, as well as rights of distribution of the SaaS.

The novel holistic accurate knowledge of the building reality, attained with new developed inspection and monitoring technologies and methods, together with advanced self-calibrated simulations, is Enginency’s unique selling point. Several applications are derived from profound understanding of end-user needs for:


    • Automatized management of building systems becomes extremely efficient from both energy and financial perspectives, without affecting the comfort requirements of the facility occupants.
    • Refurbishment assessments and evaluations with a great power of predictability.
    • Very detailed BIM and usage history track logs, which become a great added value good for utilities companies, ESCOs and big data research.

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