Toolset to improve building's energy efficiency
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Work Programme 


Enginency project is aligned with the EU Horizon 2020 Work Programme through several fields under the Energy-Efficient Buildings epigraph of the specific objective Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies, and through the specific objective Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy under the priority Societal Challenges, as well as with the EU directives on Energy Performance of Buildings and on Energy Efficiency. The Enginency solution comprises a holistic contribution to increasing energy efficiency of buildings and small districts through new tools and methodologies of inspection, modelling, monitoring, simulation, management and refurbishment advising. The energy savings obtained through Enginency will range between 20 and 40%, overcoming those attained by other solutions of great success in this booming building energy management market sustained by the rational need of energy efficiency, thus a very profitable business opportunity with a realistic potential for quick market take-up arises in this project.

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